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  • Joomla – Forum for the Future

    Joomla – Forum for the Future

    Vom 16.01.2020-20.01.2020 trafen sich etwa 75 Personen in Spanien, um über die Zukunft von Joomla zu diskutieren und konkrete Vorgehensweisen für die nähere und die fernere Zukunft zu arbeiten. Es war keines der üblichen Joomla Events, sondern eine Art zielgerichtetes Barcamp mit eingeladenen Gästen. Ich war etwas überrascht, als ich die Einladung erhielt. Ich bin […]

  • Joomla and CloudFest

    Joomla and CloudFest

    As I mentioned two weeks ago I became a kind of “partner happiness volunteer” in the Joomla project (CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy). My first task was to find partners for Joomla at this very unique conference in an amusement park in Germany. The conference itself has […]

  • CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy

    CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy

    Next week I’m going to CloudFest.  CloudFest itself is not easy to describe. It is an event and the successor of the World Hosting Days. Thus a large part of the world’s hosting industry will be “there”. The first time I was there in 2016. I’m writing a weekly blog post for NovaTrend, a hosting company […]

  • I joined the #jCycle #Joomla Challenge

    I joined the #jCycle #Joomla Challenge

    Last week I joined the Joomla #jcycle challenge! It’s a kind of charity for the Joomla project. Cycling is a great way to raise money for charity. Our season sponsor joins this effort and donates by tradition 1 cent for every km ridden. If you like Joomla! and cycling, and you want to do something good, […]

  • 5. Create Content

    5. Create Content

    Back to 4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles Creating content is hard! Every piece of content is a story. And a story can be good or not that good and thus attracting visitors or bore them. Thousands of books on the subject of writing stories have been published, a lot of people have […]

  • 4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles

    4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles

    Back to 3. Design, Layout, Colors I know, we still have no content on our site but before we create it, let’s have a look on the user accounts of our new Joomla website.
When you installed Joomla, you created the Super Administrator account. This user is allowed to do anything. It is nice to be that […]

  • 3. Design, Layout, Colors

    3. Design, Layout, Colors

    Back to: 2. A fresh Joomla Installation The template is one of the most important pieces of a website. It provides the appearance, the design. The combination with relevant content motivates new visitors to stay on your site and explore. Regular visitors and users appreciate being on a site with a beautiful and useful design. […]

  • 1. What is Joomla?

    1. What is Joomla?

    As promised last week (Iron Blogger & Joomla) I’ll start to write more about Joomla! The next articles are the chapters of the book I wrote in January 2016 for the upcoming Version 3.5. Why should I get in contact with Joomla! and what is it all about. Joomla! is a free system for creating […]

  • #jwc15 Articles, Slides, Videos

    #jwc15 Articles, Slides, Videos

    I was looking for a collection of news related to #jwc15 and found nothing official so I started this collection. If you published something too, please let me know! Articles/blogs Writing together with new contributors at #jwc15 – Ruchika Nagarkar – 06 Nov. 2015 Day 1 of the Joomla World Conference 2015 – Kiddy/Jayshree Vijay […]