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  • 6. Display Content

    6. Display Content

    back to: 5. Create Content After you managed to create content, you need to think about how displaying it. This sounds simple but it is quite important. In the last chapter we created an article and featured this article on the frontpage. Visitors can see the article only by visiting the front page.   The […]

  • 5. Create Content

    5. Create Content

    Back to 4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles Creating content is hard! Every piece of content is a story. And a story can be good or not that good and thus attracting visitors or bore them. Thousands of books on the subject of writing stories have been published, a lot of people have […]

  • 4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles

    4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles

    Back to 3. Design, Layout, Colors I know, we still have no content on our site but before we create it, let’s have a look on the user accounts of our new Joomla website.
When you installed Joomla, you created the Super Administrator account. This user is allowed to do anything. It is nice to be that […]

  • 3. Design, Layout, Colors

    3. Design, Layout, Colors

    Back to: 2. A fresh Joomla Installation The template is one of the most important pieces of a website. It provides the appearance, the design. The combination with relevant content motivates new visitors to stay on your site and explore. Regular visitors and users appreciate being on a site with a beautiful and useful design. […]

  • 2. A fresh Joomla Installation

    2. A fresh Joomla Installation

    Back to: 1. What is Joomla Panic …. where and what to download? Where to install? Why installing? What do I install? You have a few possibilities to start with Joomla. You can install Joomla on your local computer forever free at on a server from your hosting provider on the 90-day free Joomla! […]

  • 1. What is Joomla?

    1. What is Joomla?

    As promised last week (Iron Blogger & Joomla) I’ll start to write more about Joomla! The next articles are the chapters of the book I wrote in January 2016 for the upcoming Version 3.5. Why should I get in contact with Joomla! and what is it all about. Joomla! is a free system for creating […]