Nextcloud Hackweek – Day 3 – GitHub, Playground, Mail App & the Forum

Today I created a playground on my github profile to become a bit more familiar with command line git commands. After my bad experiences from yesterday using visual tools and the browser I created my own repository and edited everything via command line. I started simple and created a file, edited it, created different branches, learned about the formatting stuff, how to cherry pick and so on.

Today was more like a normal business day here at Nextcloud office. Plenty of meetings, developing, and some interesting discussions about previews for shared files, how to structure and organise the documentation, the mail app (How to add email to your Nextcloud server), the music app and plenty of other topics.

One of the “not so easy discussions” appeared on the forum (Nc just a dirty deal?) already 13 days ago. Jos, the community manager, decided to close the thread but later on he reopened it. Because I’m quite close to the topic at the moment I wrote also something.

In the evening we went to Bonnie & Clyde. A Burger pub near the hotel. The pub played an important role in Nextcloud history. Directly behind the pub was the former office and in the same distance the hotel people were staying.






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