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How to make money with Joomla? SURVEY

As you see above, I’m on my way to India to present at Joomla World Conference in Bangalore, India (November 8th) .

The title of the session sounds simple, but it’s a big issue around the globe. In addition to this great community, the whole Joomla love, peace, any Joomla Pizza, each Joomla beer and the ultimate happiness for all, many people just want to make money with Joomla :). This is good and often not easy. In this session, I would like to show examples of real companies and people from different countries and how they make money with Joomla. I’ll show business models and opportunities and probably you will start after this session immediately your career based on Joomla or even set up a company and sponsor the # jwc16 next year :)

Let’s do it together

To prepare the session I want to ask just a few questions about money!
Don’t worry,

  • I don’t want to have your identity
  • the survey takes less than a minute :)
  • I’m just interested in some data.

So, click the link NOW!

Take the “Earning money with Joomla?” survey!

Don’t hesitate to contact me or provide your email address if you want to talk with me about your “Making money with Joomla” story.

Hope to meet you at #jwc15 !


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