Raising money for a JoomlaDay

Happy Ramadhan, Eid Mubarak - عيد فطر مباركIn this post I ask for your help. It is about the support of a Joomla!Day.

A Joomla!Day is a local, regional or national gathering of the Joomla! community. The Joomla Project encourages a growing and vibrant Joomla! community and Joomla!Days are part of that effort. To ensure continued protection of the Joomla! name, usage of the event name “Joomla!Day” requires permission and agreement to this charter.

The annual Joomla!Day Iran, which will be held April 12th, 2012 and it is an official, registered Joomla! Day in the sense of the charter mentioned above.

When a Joomla!Day is registered, Open Source Matters (OSM), the organisation behind Joomla! supports it with 500 US$.

But in case of Iran it is not possible for OSM to support this Joomla!Day. The “official” Statement from OSM is:

Open Source Matters provides financial support to many registered JoomlaDay events. But as a US-registered organization, OSM is not able to financially contribute to JoomlaDay Iran this year due to current US and international sanctions against Iran.

The name of the project is derived from the Suahili/Arabic term Jumla which can be translated as “All Together”.

I think it is important to support the gobal Joomla! community and I decided to raise money for the event.

  • I checked the US law regarding sanctions against Iran (Executive Order 13590 of November 20, 2011, Authorizing the Imposition of Certain Sanctions with Respect to the Provision of Goods, Services, Technology, or Support for Iran’s Energy and Petrochemical Sectors) and could not find anything what is against this law if we collect 500 US$ and support the JoomlaDay Iran.
  • The European Union has also sanctions established which are aimed to boycot mayorly everything what can be helpful to produce energy of any kind and what supports technological development in that sector including financial transactions of more than 10 000€. (COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) No 961/2010)

I decided to use the ChipIn service which is related to my private PayPal account. If you want to transfer the money in a different way, please use our contact form. Together we will find a way :)




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