Journey (car, plane)

I traveled and caught a cold

As you know, I’m one of these famous Iron Bloggers and I try to write at least one blog entry per week.

The last week was a bit packed and now I have time to think about.

  • Monday was my last day in Frankfurt. I had a wonderful time at Artus and I want to say thank you. Artus is an amazing company with a special culture (in a positive sense). Just one example: Each Wednesday they come together for a one hour breakfast and during that time, one is doing a short presentation about a topic that matters. Have a look at their Facebook page, each presentation gets a post.

Agency Breakfast

  • Tuesday I bought a lot of things in Freiburg we need for house renovation and the car was … well … full.

  • Wednesday I drove back to Fitou and arrived in the evening
  • Thursday I had to work on thousand little things in the garden, on our servers, Drupal updates, neighbours computer problems, etc.
  • Friday I did a tour with a guest and notices again how nice our area is

  • Saturday we started at 2am our Journey to Kenya to attend the wedding of David and Naomi. In the plane I realised that I forgot the battery and the power supply for my camera. And the worst thing – my cold started. The journey was nice and in the night we arrived at the Nairobi house we rented.

  • Now it’s Sunday and in most areas of Nairobi water is rationed during the weekends since two weekends. So we can’t shower for now :).
    The weather forecast is also not very promising, time to write my blog post, sitting on the sofa in the living room, using thousands of paper tissues (intentionally no photo).
    But as I wrote this post the sun came out – so this is our little garden.





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5 responses to “I traveled and caught a cold”

  1. Sofasophia Avatar

    Gute Besserung … und genießt die Zeit.
    Darf man da viel Regen wünschen? ;-)

    1. Hagen Graf Avatar

      Wasser an sich ist wohl nicht das Problem. Die Infrastruktur ist halt schlecht und die Leute habe alle einen Wassertank als Puffer fuer ein/zwei Tage.

  2. Adedayo Adeniyi (@Daydah) Avatar

    Sorry you got a cold. Hope you are much much better now?

    1. Hagen Graf Avatar

      Thanks a lot Adedayo, I’m much better now. It will go away in a few days :)

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