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Nextcloud Hackweek – Day 4 – Spreed, Version 10, Burger

Today we had a meeting about the integration of Spreed into Nextcloud. With Spreed you can make phone calls, send messages and do video conferences (may be even more). It is a cool service which will be integrated in Nextcloud. Your Nextcloud installation of the future will have then something inbuilt like Skype. Simon told us about the way Spreed works and we discussed ways to integrate it nicely in Nextcloud. After the meeting I was curious and installed the iOS App of Spreed. Ivan, the developer of the app showed me how to use it properly (the profile photo was an accident :) ). App

After, I changed the ordering in the Documentation (the last three days made me a git pro :) )

In the afternoon I attended a meeting about the “polishing” of Nextcloud 10 which should be released as soon as possible.

Nextcloud 10

Frank went through all the pages and it was very motivating to see how good it works but of course there is still plenty of stuff that “cries” for improvements.

Beneath other things, there is a new app inbuilt called Password Policy. It tests the used passwords against a long list of known passwords and you can configure the way passwords have to be “constructed”. We had an intense discussion about the question “how long should be the minimum length of the password”. In the end Frank used a decision app on his mobile and it helped to take a decision. The default setting will be: Passwords should be minimum 6 characters long! (of course you can change that setting :) )
Decision App

The result of that meeting led to a quite big issue Release review polishing #735. Help, if you can!

As yesterday, normal business stuff happened and I’m very greatful to have the opportunity participating a full week behind the scenes of Nextcloud.

In the evening it started to rain, so it wasn’t really  possible to walk outside without getting wet in seconds.
RainWe all went back to the office and finally decided to take the S-Bahn (or U-Bahn) to have Burgers at Bonnie & Clyde :)








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