Status of #ibcoco – news & rumours

At the end of May we had the idea with this Iron Blogger thing (We = Adedayo, Christine, David and me)

Eight weeks later, we are nine iron bloggers! We are from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Germany, and France. We created 66 blog posts with a wide variety of topics. Only once Adedayo wasn’t able to blog, so she contributed our first good deed :)

I noticed, that some people did not understand that they just need to write their own blog. The rest – the  aggregation of all those blog feeds and conneceted social media distribution, works automatically:

Every blog post

The Twitter account @ibcoco1 

  • will follow all of our iron bloggers
  • will add all iron bloggers to a Twitter list
  • At the moment it’s a bot and I have the user credentials
  • it could (and will) be used to re-tweet something important (like the upcoming JoomlaDay in Kenya).
  • don’t forget to follow ;)

The Facebook page

  • will be administrated by the “Founders” (Adedayo, Christine, David and me) 
  • If you have any idea how we can better promote this project via a Facebook page – you are more than welcome to comment (or blog about as iron blogger)
  • don’t forget to like ;)

Interesting things happen

  • David Wampamba created our logo and a WordPress plugin to show the good deed posts in the sidebar of our website (Elegant Category Posts). The source code of the plugin is available for free at Github (
  • He is is running a website called which wants to make the world a better place
  • David Opati Aswani is organising the Joomladay in Kenya (and should write about :) )
  • I’ll use the Elegant Category Posts to create a News section on our website. If something happens that is interesting for all iron bloggers and their audience, tag your post with ibcoco-news and they will appear in the News section of our website
  • So far, we are seven men and only two women. To make it short, we need to overcome the gender gap ;-).  And of course we are open to anything different than men and women that is able to write a blog :)

To participate, read the rules and contact us.

You are welcome!






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