Google Wave

Finally I had time to watch this 80 minutes video and it was awesome!

It’s not ready yet and Google is perfect in guerilla marketing but the idea is very, very good. It seems to be possible to start your own waves on your company server and it is an very good collaboration tool.

We launch it later in the year [2009] … So look, the last thing I wanna say … You can probably imagine it felt kind of nice that you guys seem to like what we’ve built … One of the best times in my professional life was after we launched Google maps back in 2005 and developpers started doing all kinds of crazy things with Google maps … I hope some of you are here … this was even  before we had an API on maps … we scrambled to put an API on maps and it’s  … become very popular and it’s an huge driving force of success … we learned a very important lesson, that you guys – developpers – are incredibly important to the success of the kind of products that we’ve built and so I can’t wait to see what you guys are gonna come up with








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