DrupalCamp, Copenhagen, Denmark

The venue is Rummet. It is an open office space, where you can rent a space for working. Morten gives an introduction and it seems that it will be a more or less theming heaven :-)
In the room are around 70-80 people. 15{0f2b36d8f80fa52f37b916148a6e37fe671d96583f68d5887344addd2eee52a6} of them are non danes, so they decided to speak english.

What I have seen?

sIFR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sifr)

Mark Wubben involved in the development of sIFR talked about this technique.

CCK + Views – Andreas Haugstrup

In his session he was building a smalltown newspaper

  • a content type: article
  • fields for sections and editor
  • a gallery content type with an image field (unlimited)
  • a node refenrence filed from the article to the gallery
  • a view for the frontpage
  • a view for an archive

Great work

Twitter DIY – Services with REST & OAuth

Hugo Wetterberg showed an amazing system. A twitter client, made with Adobe Flex communicates via the Services module (REST server) and the OAuth authentication module with a drupal website.
REST Services are better than XMLPRC communication. They are working better with caching and proxies because of the use of different Request methods.
The client asked the Drupal website, wether he is allowed to acces (key, secret). The user must be logged in to set the rights for the client in a form. The client creates no session at the drupal website. It connects via a token.
All the sourcecode you can find at http://github.com/hugowetterberg
When I looked at his site I found a nice module – nodeformcols – cool idea!

Ubercart – Hagen Graf (me :-) )

I showed the people how to setup physical products, file downloads and memberships with the acquia distribution and the ubercart module.

The Genesis Theme – Jeff Burnz

Jeff is the maintainer of the genesis theme. He talked about his work and the ideas behind his theme.


Collaboration tools – Todd Nienkerk

Todd is the founder of four kitchens. The are doing large drupal sites like newspapers and magazines. At the moment they are working for the economist. In Denmark they have done information.dk.

The company is based in Texas and all the employees are in one building. They need collaborations tools to work with their clients. The are working with SCRUM methods and they have a 15 min. meeting every day with their clients.

The are using

  • Jira (bugtracking, ticketing),
    – with scrum points
    – no task has the same priority than another task
    – clients have access to the system
  • confluence (wiki)
    – every project gets its one space
    – they write their proposals collaborative in Confluence, save all the versions und send it to the client as a pdf
  • Zimbra
    – email
    – calendar
    – shared addressbooks
    – no hosting of emails
  • Remember the milk (25$/year)
    – list sharing is nice!
  • openfire (Jabberserver)
  • Skype (in the US not so usual compared to Europe)
  • Link Sharing: delicious
  • Appointments: doodle
  • Texteditor: etherpad.com
  • Version System: bazaar, svn
  • ScreenSharing: Skype, dimdim – free up to 20 users
  • Mobile phones: Blackberry

960 Grid System – Todd Nienkerk

CSS Frameworks consists usually of these items

  • a browser reset method
  • typography
  • navigation
  • print style
  • layout
  • support for noncompliant browsers

they have usually 12-16 columns, regions, gutters (margins – space between the regions) and a wrapping div.

960.gs has 940 pixel usable space with 12 (60px) or 16 (40px) columns

There is a drupal theme with dynamic grid widths http://drupal.org/project/ninesixty.

The important words in this theme are

  • for the left side: alpha –  prefixpush
  • for the right side: omegasuffixpull

push and pull classes are for the problem "is there content in the left column?"?
A few demos you can view at http://ninesixty.fkdemos.com/

Copenhagen libraries – Mikel


They are using panels3 with the ctools module and a self written relationships plugin. Every library is a panel page. Panels have now the idea of contexts. They have written the relationsship plugin to grab the right parameter from the URL and give it to the taskhandler. More code on http://github.com/kdb/ding/tree/master

HOIST – Andreas Haugstrup

http://hoistnow.com/ A drupal based collaboration tool (launch in june 2009). The clients can setup there own sites with an intuitive user interface. It is possible to build and share applications – they are using a customized version of the simple cck drupal 5 module – amazing!


Thank you danish drupal community for the cool weekend (you know … the king fall asleep at 1 am)






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