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  • Joomla World Conference 2017, Rome, Italy

    Joomla World Conference 2017, Rome, Italy

    I was in Rome at the Joomla World Conference. The stay wasn’t planned. I was the lucky winner of two conference tickets including all evening events. Thanks a lot to a company called Aesir who paid the tickets! The other ticket I gave to Maryna Shandak Because of the way I got this ticket I was thinking a […]

  • Museo Enzo Ferrari

    Museo Enzo Ferrari

    Why Ferrari? I know the name Ferrari since I was a child. Ferrari meant for me red painted racing cars. On the road (in Lower Saxony, Germany in the 70ties) I have never seen such a car. The first Ferrari I saw live was a Testarossa. I was in the red light district of Braunschweig […]

  • DrupalCamp Italia, Crema

    6:00 I leave the hotel in Milano. The day before I walked through Milano and was impressed. I have to come back for a closer look. See pictures. The Metro in Milano opens at 6am. I miss the bus at 7am. It is sooo cold and icy. I take the 7:45 bus to Crema. The […]