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Hagen Graf, 36 Rue du Pla, 11510 Fitou, France
hagen at cocoate.com

More about me

History of the blog

I started this blog to collect information about possible places to visit. I still have the idea to travel the world together with the woman of my dreams. We want to go by car with our little tent.

the first photo I uploaded on Flickr May, 29th 2005

I smiled when I noticed the first photo I uploaded on Flickr May, 29th 2005. 14,000 uploaded photos and 9 years later the two one chair still exists, the car is replaced by a white one and last year (or was it two years ago) we decided to buy a new tent because this one was leaking.

[UPDATE March 2014] I decided to use this blog for everything that doesn’t fit to our company website cocoate.com :)

[UPDATE November 2014] I started to collect older blog entries too and categorize them

[UPDATE June 2015] I started to join a group called an Ironbloggers, which means I post at least one blog post a week.

[UPDATE 2018] I run a Mastodon Instance on fimidi.com, join me :)

[UPDATE2022-January] I stopped working and will close my company soon … :)

[UPDATE2022- March] the blog is now hosted on a small „computer“ in our kitchen

Das „Data Center“ in der Küche


3 responses to “About”

  1. Antoine Payen Avatar

    Hello Hagen, is there a way to download the files used in your Cocoate “Beginner Joomla! Developer’s Guide”, as the link “http://cocoate.com/jdev/component/step-1” doesn’t work anymore ?
    Thank you for your help !
    Antoine (south of France)

    1. hagengraf Avatar

      Oh, I’ll have a look.

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