Me in front of 57, Rue du Pla

Status Update & #wceu

Since a few weeks we are “finishing” these “little” house in 57, Rue du Pla, Fitou.

The last bit was the lower level. In former times, people lived there. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a spiral staircase to go up. The size of the room is 13 x 3 meter.

We removed everything, rebuild the toilet, built another staircase, and a wall as a separation of the long room. One part of the room will become the place with the washing machine and storage for wine and stuff. The other part will become a garage. We removed the entrance to widen the opening to get the car in. The opening is now 2.15 meter wide. Our Kangoo is 1.86 meter – wish us luck and stay tuned for the photo with the car in the garage :).

Old entrance


New entrance


whole facade so far

Facade - Rue du Pla

Last week we did the ceiling in the upcoming garage.


and today I’ll start with the doors!

Tadaa – and now the best!

From Thursday to Sunday I’ll travel to Vienna to attend WordCamp Europe (#wceu)







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