Problem with Update from OwnCloud 8.2.1 to 8.2.2 – [solved]

I was a bit desperate today, while trying to update my owncloud from version 8.2.1 to 8.2.2. I always got this message in red characters.

Update failed.
Unable to move /DOCUMENTROOT/_oc-upgrade/ to /DOCUMENTROOT/resources

First I thought the problems were wrong permissions, but the solution is much easier. The owncloud version number in the file


must be 8.2  (see screenshot above)!

In my file it was 8.1. Just change it and start the update again, then it will work :)



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6 responses to “Problem with Update from OwnCloud 8.2.1 to 8.2.2 – [solved]”

  1. Frank Sydnor Avatar
    Frank Sydnor

    Thanks for this post! Solved the exact problem I was having upgrading ownCloud from to 8.2.7. You saved me a ton of time!

  2. Nicolas Avatar

    Hi, thanks for this post! Like Frank, solved my problem when migrated ownCloud version :)

  3. Dotan Avatar

    Hagen, thanks a lot for this post. I don’t think there is any chance that I would have come by it myself.

    To say “the solution was easier” sounds like an understatement for me.

    All the best!

  4. Raul Avatar

    Perfect solution, thanks a lot!!

  5. ifarepi Avatar

    It helps me to solve the problem.

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