Why not living in the South of France? We are selling our House!

In 2006 we moved to France, bought an old house and spent several years restoring it. From this one building we created three stylish apartments and a spacious, comfortable office.

The house is situated in the heart of Fitou, an ancient wine-producing village in the south of France. Only minutes from Mediterranean beaches, Fitou also sits nestled amid gentle hills and lush vineyards.

The outer walls of the house, dating to the early 18th century, are 50-70 cm thick and made of natural stone. The renovation was performed carefully and with respect to the essential integrity of the house by turning it into modern, comfortable spaces. All the apartments could easily be connected with each other and the office space could be turned into a garage with workshop.

One of the best things about the house: it earns money. With high occupancy rates, the current rents are fair and comparatively low for the region and the features of the apartments. In the current financial and investment situation, the house is a good, long-term, safe and sustainable investment.

Apart from the famous Fitou AOC red wine (numerous winemakers have shops nearby), in our charming village you have everything that makes life nice in the South: fresh croissants in the bakery, a café at the Place de la République, several excellent restaurants.

It’s fair to ask why we want to sell the house, considering the love and effort we put into it. Simply, we are getting older, and before it’s too difficult we want to travel the world. Because this plan requires money we decided with heavy hearts to sell the property.

Fortunately, though, we also own the house next door, where we live. This means we will be your neighbors, and as such we have offered this property at a fair and transparent price.

How did we establish the price? It is roughly what we paid for the house, plus renovation, not including our work.

The House

This beautiful house in the heart of the old village is composed of 3 apartments with a combined floor area of 186 m²:

  • a rented studio,
  • a furnished studio with terrace for holiday rentals,
  • a rented apartment with three rooms and a terrace,
  • a business office at street level.

No work needs to be done; the house was completely renovated between 2007 and 2009, including the roof, electrical wiring and plumbing, double glazing, insulation. And with internet access, it is the perfect situation for people who want to work from home.

Many opportunities are available to you. You could use it as a second home or an investment with high profitability (4.8{0f2b36d8f80fa52f37b916148a6e37fe671d96583f68d5887344addd2eee52a6} – 7.25{0f2b36d8f80fa52f37b916148a6e37fe671d96583f68d5887344addd2eee52a6}). Current rental income € 13,240 p.a, and the business premise could be rented for 450 € per month. The yearly costs for taxes, electricity and water are 2,322 €. With little effort, you could transform the property into a family home with a garage and a workshop.

Price: 189,000 €

When can you buy this lovely house? Right away! We are eager to begin our travels. Still, there is no hurry, as the house is paid for and earns income.

Where can you find more information about it? On the web! We have built a website with photos: http://forsale.fimidi.com/

The weather here is very nice most of the year, with mild winters and moderate temperatures. Only a few days will see temperatures below 10°C. Just once in the past nine years, we saw snow for a few hours; this was really exceptional.

From time to time we have the Tramontana, a wind from the nearby Pyrenees, which makes the region to a paradise for kite surfers. Finally, a few years ago we documented a year in pictures, which will give you a good impression about the region: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hagengraf/sets/72157628663404017

Visit us in Fitou! Check out the house by staying a few days in our “red apartment,” which you can book via fimidi.com. We are happy to answer your questions; feel free to reach out at http://cocoate.com/contact

See you soon!

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  1. Chefkoch Avatar

    Hallo Hagen,

    wie sich unsere Geschichte (scheinbar) doch ähnelt. Lebe in Portugal und haben unser Haus diesen WInter verkauft. Um was zu tun? Yes, mehr reisen. Viel Glück beim verkaufen und gute Tour!

  2. IppZero Avatar

    France is a good to live as their are several property options are available to choose from. And, thanks for sharing the detailed information about your home.

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