What’s beyond Joomla!?

Friday, May 6 – 16:45 – I am giving a talk at jandbeyond 2011 and need your help.

Since ages I work with Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. I write books about them, record videos and I am writing a weekly column about the three systems (droopress).

With 1.6, ACL, nested categories and all the cck’s, Joomla! is getting again momentum and it’s the time to look at ‘the others’.

This Session is an idea from a discussion on Quora


Let’s have a look at WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Molajo, Nooku, [you_name_it]?

  • What’s the user experience?
  • How do they solve different tasks?

It would be is a pleasure to have a workshop on that together with your ideas.

I, and hopefully Amy, Marco and others too (comment if you are interested) will join me and will try to build the same small website more or less live with the three systems.
Please comment and post the features you want to see in the example website!







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