My first column

Welcome to the start of my new column about the content management systems Drupal, Joomla! and Word Press. It will appear every tuesday at the German Addison Wesley blog probably in German language. This text is a translation.

It is the first edition of this column and I’ve procastinated for an hour – “White textarea window – inspire me!”

First of all, what really is a column? Wikipedia sees it this way:

The column (the column of the print set) called in the press and in online journalism, a short opinion piece as a small-form journalism.

Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! are “the” content management systems and each claims to be the greatest, most beautiful and best system. Protagonists of all three camps provide occasional religious wars in the forums, which sometimes must be ended by closure of the thread by one of the moderators. Here is a slightly older example from the german Drupalcenter.

To come immediately to the point:


With which system the common agency and / or freelancers can make the most money? I agree with Mashable and say clearly: Drupal. Real men and women need programming code in front of their eyes. Development effort can easily conveyed to clients (for how long?). Buttons, like in WordPress, labeled “Update”, and the update is installed after clicking it, are for most people rather suspect – too easy. In Germany, Drupal is probably only beaten in this discipline of TYPO3, but we will not talk about this :-) With Drupal 7, which definitely comes closer and drupalgardens it will be more about configuring than programming – so watch out you money printers :-).


Which system is politically correct? It’s time for Joomla!. The project reminds me a little of the early Greens, the SPD and the Windows versions prior to XP. All dealt primarily with itself. What they tried to achieve was the best and most ideas are clever. The preoccupation with oneselves produced an incredible bond of the community to the system and quite effectively prevented a predictable development of Joomla! Core. The speed can be compared to a wandering glacier. The resulting problem from this niche offers opportunities to a number of companies for selling successful commercial components and themes. Nevertheless, the system is still in a very good shape. Thanks to MVC and frameworks like Nooku, Programmers quickly find their way through. There are many well working extensions and the system is often pre-installed at many hosting providers. The version 1.6 is finally after three years on its way and includes long-desired features.

A carefree life

Which system is most fun? The fun factor is definitely the highest at WordPress. I reminds me a little of a boat on which you pull a ripcord and pfffffftt … it is blowing up. WordPress is just smooth and usually works very pragmatic and well.

What’s next here?

After this very subjective point of view, I hope that I receive feedback from you which I can use for the follow up of this column. Ideal would be that you first click the “Like” button on this blog, then immediately comment something substantial or even get directly in touch with me.

And now, thanks to all who have kept up with reading up here and see you next Tuesday.






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