zero2hero – Day 1

Today I thought about how I’m organizing everything and I described my project (My next three months). @JooDeu, @sigsiu_net, @SeoSuka, @warnemann, @UlrikaHall, @web2feed, @murgeys and @linobertrand retweetet it and @manfredrein has posted the first comment – (thanks for that)

During the day I began to realize what I intend to do :-) Roger Perren encouraged me and agreed to write about the project .

I have created the following book pages:




For Joomla 1.6 I have written a German Introduction.

For Drupal 7 I already had a German Introduction.

I would appreciate your feedback.

The cocoate site requires a better structure and navigation. This will be done “on the way” :-)



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