My next three months

The initial plan was to write a Joomla! 1.6 book and to start today. I promised it to my publisher :-)

Now I am thinking about this project … and I decide to expand the project.

I have experiences in working with Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress:

  1. The software:
    In all professional web projects I was involved in during the past two years the problem was not the software. More or less every task I have seen could be solved with Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress.
    For this reason I would like to write three books :-)
  2. The language:
    My mother tongue is German and I know so many German words. But we are only 120.000.000 speakers. I live in France and have to speak French. My knowledge of the French language is lousy, but they have 500.000.000 speakers. And what am I doing right now? I write the first text about my project in my spaghetti English (500 million–1.8 billion speakers).
    For this reason I would like to write the three books in three languages German, French and English with the option to add more languages.
  3. The medium:
    It’s hard to earn money with printed paper so I decide to publish the "books" online for free on our website.
    I did this in 2008 with my Drupal 6 book (German) and my Joomla 1.5 book (German and French).
    To spread the knowledge I would love to have three apps (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) for the three books in three languages.
  4. The timeframe:
    This is a little bit hard. I have three weeks in a month (9am-5pm) in the next three months (until october, 15th 2010).
  5. The process:
    I will start writing in German. Then I will translate it into English and my beloved daugther Isabell will proof read it. For the French version I have no real idea at the moment (any volunteers?).
  6. What about you?
    You will have three advantages

    1. You can follow the process online and live.
    2. You will get a freely available course of how to create a Website with those three content management systems.
    3. You can participate in the project by giving feedback
  7. Official hashtag
    If you write about this project please use the hashtag #zero2hero



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