Enough – John Naish

The book has a simple mission

realize when it is enough
– stop working when it is enough
– stop eating when it is enough
– stop consuming when it is enough
– stop YOU-NAME-IT when it is enough

My problem is sometimes to notice when it is enough.

It is this kind of cycle: more work -> more money -> more needs -> more things …. you know it.

The book has another big advantage – It sells nothing :-)

I read the book in Mai 2009 and I quitted a job after reading. It was not really because of the content of the book but I realized that the book had a big worth for me thinking about the topic to the right time.
Now – a half year later I have changed a few things in my life.
The book was a good start for me … so it must be good :-) 
but it is much more important to find your way to change your habits in real life.
Today I learn every day to do more what I want and I notice better and better the right time when it is enough.






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