Joomladay Italia in Rome

  • November 21th, 2009 – 9:00 amAs I have heard and seen so far, JoomlaDay Italia is one of the biggest Joomla events in the whole world together with the Dutch and the Thai Joomladays.

    Alexred and ste and their team did an incredibly good job here.

    The venue belongs to Fondazione Santa Lucia and is perfect, the entrance is free.

    The room is filling up – there is Italian rock music in the background.

    The spirit here reminds me 5 minutes to DrupalCon Washington in March 2009.

    The sessions will be streamed live on the Internet (hope that works – it worked).

    I do a session to (building a template from scratch).

    The only thing which I really miss is a working internet connection for the public (like me).

    That’s a pity because it is not possible for me to send tweets, status updates and other bits and pieces in real time.

    Another thing is, that I forgot my camera and camcorder at home (old boy … brain is definitely shrinking).

    Good opportunity to try the gallery feature in flickr (gosh … I forgot, no Internet access).

    More and more people entering the room. It is equipped with four projectors which looks very impressive.

    I am 5 minutes at the entrance together with ste and others to welcome guests.

  • 9:15 am 

    The music stops and the event seems to start.Alex and two other members of the team try to get the PC <-> Projector connection working.

    The room gets fuller and fuller – it’s crazy.

    Three people from the Nooku team pass by. Have you ever heard of Nooku? Look here

  • 9:23 am 

    Now they are four at the podium but still nothing to see on the screens …Yeah – the first slide …

    *** The team is growing *** a slide from the DOCman team

  • 9:44 am 

    IT STARTS: Alex takes his microphone  – “bon giorno at JoomlaDay”I hear many Italian words about Joomla I do not understand :-)

    Then someone from the finance and the youth ministry says a few words.

    Here is the list of all sponsors and media partners.

    Look at their websites to get an impression of Joomla in Italy (,,,,,,

  • 10:00 amJoomla! <-> Moodle – demo site

    The speaker introduces moodle as a shiny, super duper system for e-learning. For me, it is a bit hard to hear, because last year we had a client with a mis-configured moodle and our job was to solve the problems. For me, it seems, that open source projects like moodle, and of course Drupal and Joomla! too often are victims of misconfiguration in bigger projects – don’t look behind the curtain and don’t ask :-)

  • 10:18 am 

    Now the interesting thing – the integration of a moodle site into Joomla – this is interesting for me, because we set up Joomla in a European project for an Italian partner ( and often the partners use moodle in these kinds of projects.

  • 10:30 am 

    Johann Janssen and Mathias VerraesThe talk is in English and there is a translating service to Italian language (good idea). It is the official launch of DOCman 1.5, and a bit about the future of DOCman 2.0. The docman team is growing and therefore they have the possibility to release a new version of docman on December 1th (2010 2009 – sorry for the mistake and thank you for the hint :-)).  In the past docman 1.3 was more a less Johann’s testing ground for the development of Joomla 1.5. It was the first extension which used MVC in the Joomla world. They have 1,000,000 downloads a year.

    DOCman 1.5 will be

    – native Joomla 1.5

    – the upgrade will be as painless as possible (no database and behaviour changes)

    Then Johann describes the features of docman (GPL, custom fields, local or remote storage, nested categories, group acl, plugin support (f.e. a shopping cart plugin to sell documents))

    Docman 2.0 ?

    — they have 150 Feature requests (teams, versioning, amazon s3, google docs, notification, …)

    — how to handle extensibility?

    — here the nooku framework comes into the game

    At the moment, often code for new Joomla extensions is copied and pasted from docman and other extensions and changed a bit with the known problems.

    The other way is better? first a framework, then the extension …

    F.ex. NinjaBoard was rewritten on nooku framework (88{0f2b36d8f80fa52f37b916148a6e37fe671d96583f68d5887344addd2eee52a6} code reduction – 5.000 Lines of code 1.700 Lines code, the rest comments).

    It is impressive to see and I ask myself “why is it called nooku? why not joomla?” It seems to be that the real progress is done in nooku, not in the joomla framework

    Another example built on nooku is anahitasocialengine (

    A chat exists, which cannot be seen on the projected screens – in this chat people ask the same question I was thinking of.

    The answer is: the Joomla framework is not built on joomla, the idea behind is the integration of nooku in joomla, drupal, wordpress and silverstripe.

    It is possible to write a Joomla extension in one line of code :-)

  • 11:23 am 

    PhpMyAdmin e MySqlA good presentation about the different versions of mysql and the possibilities to manage the databases, using phpMyAdmin

  • 11:56 pm 

    A good talk about hosting from about hosting.It starts with the question “What does the taxi driver ask when you enter his car?”

  • in between 

    relaxing in the sun with two wonderful pannini. After 20 minutes I fall into a deep sleep for 2 hours. Now I need a coffee but there isn’t one

  • 2:20 pm 

    Alex and I tried for the first time to connect the mac to the projector and … after a bit of trial and error it works

  • 2:30 pm 

    Accessibility in Italy seems to be a big thing.

  • 3:00 pm 

    my talk …I tried to build a template in 25 minutes and most worked well

  • 3:30 pm Alessandro Nadalin features in Joomla 1.6 Alpha 2 – People like the new ACL very much
  • 4:10 pm 

    Someone reads something in Italian language but it must be very important – he gets a big applause

  • 4:15 pm Brian Teeman 

    hidden secrets – How to disable components

    – How to disable ?=tp1

    – robots.txt are not working in subdirectories

    – How to disable meta name generator


    – admin user is always user_id = 62 (delete it and create a new one, don’t call it admin)

    – don’t user jos_

    – hide your components xml file


    – individual 404 page

    and then he showed his Joomla Tattoo … (have I mentioned, that he is based near Liverpool?)


  • 5:00 pmVirtueMart with Marcos Mattieri – hidden secrets for me because of Italian language :-)
  • 5:30 pmA lady talks about building a community in 24 hours and look for help in the community
  • 5:45 pmAllessandro Zaffi – SEO in Joomla 1.6
  • Then there is a last question & answer session with all the speakers

Thank you Italian community and especially alexred and ste for this wonderful day (and evening)






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